One Girl's Travels became real in the spring of 2015, when I decided that I wanted to share my love and determination for adventure with the world.

I'm a young professional working a mid-level job and supporting myself while paying off college debt - but adventure is my passion and I refuse to let any lack of time or money keep me in one place.  It's on this ideology I based this blog - that there is no correlation between length of flight or price of hotel room and the quality of an experience. Through One Girl's Travels I'll share with you my journeys, experiences, tips, learnings and anything else I might pick up along the way.

I truly believe that travel isn't just about where you go, it's about the experiences along the way that have an impact on your soul. My objective is always to meet new people, taste questionable foods, try something I've never done before and take note, because these are the things I always remember once I'm back in my comfort zone.

So whether you take a one-way flight without looking back, or follow your own footsteps back where you began, travel curiously. Wander with intent. Go where you can, when you're able, and always, always make memories along the way.

XO, Mandi