Solo in Palm Springs

Palm Springs finally happened!  It was won.der.ful. to get out of the city for a weekend and explore somewhere new. My resort was killer - the Mojave must have ridden right on through "outdated" and straight into "vintage-trendy," because this place just oozed 60's sexy.

Thrifty vacationers, rejoice - Groupon Getaways is legit. I had a king bed room at a resort that made me feel like Don Draper and his mistress could be in the room next to me, for 93 dollars a night. Uh-mazing.

The pool felt incredible in the 100 degree desert heat. But this weekend also helped me realize that at this point in my life I'd be 100% okay with staying at an adult-only resort. BAH HUMBUG, yeah yeah yeah whatever. It only took until about the 4th time my magazine was soaked by splashes for me to have this realization. So Sandals...I might be coming for you next.

I spent the rest of my weekend exploring Palm Springs, shopping in downtown Palm Desert, eating by myself at various cafes and restaurants and acting like I'm totally the local food critic, and enjoying sleeping both vertically and horizontally in my king-size bed. 

My absolute favorite part of my trip was stopping by Salvation Mountain before I headed back to LA. And it was breathtaking. I originally thought I'd be able to squeeze everything into one blog post, but after thinking about it, I decided that Salvation Mountain would make for a blog post in itself. 

So...up next: Salvation Mountain.