Making It Work

Sometimes your mom comes out to visit you in LA the same weekend you're attending a wedding in Cleveland. But you make it work.

It went a little bit like this:

My mom and her friend flew into LAX at 10:45 on a Friday morning. We grabbed lunch at In N' Out, went to Venice Beach, ate some Italian food at C&O Tattoria, and then my mom dropped me off at the airport at 9:30. I flew the red eye to Cleveland.

Cleveland isn't home, but man does it feel like it.

I think Charlie remembered me.

Boyfriend's sister's wedding was happening Saturday evening. I flew in to attend as well as take some photos. The wedding was small, quaint and beautiful, held in a historic chapel with a pump organ and no plumbing and the bride carried a bouquet of flowers she assembled on-the-spot.

The reception was held at Spice, a local foods restaurant in Ohio City, and the food was all prepared from the produce and meat from the bride and groom's sustainable farm (how incredible is that?). It was delicious and beautifully prepared, and the tablescapes were a gorgeous display of folk art and floral that I only wish could garnish my table daily.

After the reception we checked into the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Cleveland. The building itself is a historic city landmark and an iconic silhouette of the Cleveland skyline. The lobby just epitomizes class and poise, and the hotel bar...can we just talk about this bar?

After most of the family decided to call it a night, my boyfriend and I decided to #partyon, so we ventured down to Fourth Street to meet up with some family friends at The Butcher and the Brewer. The atmosphere was good, the beer was cold and the conversations were great.

Sunday was a much needed relaxation day spent catching up with my grandparents and sister and picnicking with the newlyweds and family at Blossom Music Center. The Cleveland Symphony Orchestra played a concert of British Invasion while we dined on reception leftovers. Ideal night to say the least.

The next morning I was back on a plane.

...And spending the rest of the day at Universal Studios with my mom and her friend, taking the Backlot Tour, being transformed into Minions, barely escaping Megatron and saving the Simpsons family from Sideshow Bob. #Normal.

After I put my mom back on a plane Tuesday morning and headed to work, I was exhausted. I really felt like no amount of sleep could ever help me feel awake again. But after some bad planning allowed for a wedding and a family visit in the same weekend, I wanted to make it work. So I did. And it was entirely worth it.

I got to spend some time with my mom in LA, visit with my boyfriend's family while exploring Cleveland, photograph a wedding, have lunch with my grandparents and little sister, picnic at an outdoor concert and hit up a theme park in 96 hours. And even though I was exhausted, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.